Thanks to the trust of our clients, we have managed to guide them towards greater profitability, occupancy, average rate and brand positioning. We have had the opportunity to provide our services to the following companies:

The magic hotel

The results obtained at The Magic Hotel in terms of profitability and occupancy have been outstanding, thanks to our comprehensive consultancies.

Bosque Caribe

The objectives at the Bosque Caribe hotel have focused on the recovery of the average rate, the results have exceeded expectations.


Position the brand to add value to the rate, one of the objectives achieved by AscHiende.

Barrio Latino Hotel

Aschiende achieved a comprehensive Post Pandemic recovery in terms of occupancy, sales and income. We redesigned the brand and website.


With the challenges of being a new hostel, we have managed to enter the market, maximizing sales thanks to the diversification of sales channels and rate strategy.


Aschiende has successfully managed to advise HostU in its vacation rental niche, diversifying sales channels. We achieve better results thanks to Revenue Management strategies and market studies.

commerce societies

Aschiende has the pleasure of working hand in hand with renowned companies in the tourism sector: